Brand Protection and Investigations

The world's largest companies rely on Argos Consulting network of resources and seasoned team of branding and intellectual property experts to safeguard their brands and products even in most remote locations of Caucasus region.


We provide solutions and guidance to many top global firms in various market sectors, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Software/hardware
  • Automotive
  • Luxury & fashion brands
  • Sports brands
  • Consumer packaged goods

Argos Consulting not only identifies the problem areas of today, we prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow. We work with brand owners, law firms, in-house counsel and other stakeholders to implement incremental solutions and tactical actions that keep you prepared to combat increasingly sophisticated crime.

  • Our Brand Protection & Intellectual Property Services include:
  • Vendor License Qualifications
  • Counterfeiting & Piracy
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Cyber Surveillance
  • Litigation Support
  • Supply Chain & C-TPAT Security

Threat and Risk Assessment

Argos Consulting can assist organisations planning to implement threat modelling, assessment and analysis of risks throughout operation or procedural lifecycle. Argos Consulting can assist with:

  • Development of Security Risk Management Plans.
  • Risk Assessment Methodologies.
  • Risk Mitigation Road mapping.
  • Security Risk Management Plans

A Security Risk Management Plan (SRMP) identifies operation security risks and defines appropriate mitigation measures for company. An SRMP consists of a threat risk assessment and applicable risk treatment strategies. Within the Argos Consulting can assist Caucasus Region Government agencies and other organisations in the development of SRMPs for appropriate use.


Security Program Management

Argos Consulting tracks and interprets rapidly changing events in Caucasus region, alerting you to local developments and providing you with business intelligence that could impact the safety and security of your corporate operations and assets.

Whether you are protecting multinational operations, evaluating potential overseas investments and opportunities, or managing corporate travel programs, you need to know what is happening now in proximity to your interests. Argos Consulting improves your ability to develop pro-active plans that allow you to respond swiftly and appropriately.


Executive Protection, Event and Travel Security

Argos Consulting provides the expertise and a vast array of supporting resources to provide reliable personal protection anywhere throughout the Caucasus Region – or around the globe – at a moment's notice.

Highly skilled and trained agents have provided protection for corporate leaders and their workforce, famous entertainers, athletes, royal families and diplomats. Our services range from providing one-time executive drivers to developing long-term comprehensive personal protection service programs.

Argos Consulting also offers expertise in protecting a company's assets.

We respond 24 hours a day to both known and unforeseen threats. This enables our clients to go about their day-to-day business as usual.


  • Executive Protection
  • Executive Drivers
  • Protective Escorts
  • VIP Security
  • Asset Protection